Lawn mowing may seem like a straightforward task, but when it is not performed by professional lawn mowing experts, the grass can actually be harmed and its growth can be hindered.

Learn about four common mistakes that homeowners and even some lawn service companies make when they mow lawns in Sartell, St. Cloud, Sauk Rapids, and surrounding cities in Minnesota.

1. Mowing the grass too short will negatively affect your lawn.

It is tempting to mow your grass too short to avoid mowing more often, but this will have negative effects on your lawn. This is a practice known as scalping the lawn, which can harm the grass when it is done too many times. When the grass is cut too short, it can weaken the overall health of your lawn which leaves it much more susceptible to lawn disease. It is recommended to never cut more than one-third of the height of your grass at a time.

In our area of Minnesota, we have Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and perennial ryegrass. Each type should be kept at a height of around 3.25-4 inches.

2. Inconsistent mowing will cause your lawn to grow improperly.

An unhealthy lawn in St. Cloud, MN.

Your lawn benefits best from routine lawn mowing that is done at the same interval throughout the growing season. If you mow too often or not enough, then your grass will not be kept at the ideal height for its health. At Sunset Mowing, we provide weekly lawn mowing services to keep your grass at the correct height all growing season.

3. Dull mower blades will rip or tear your grass instead of providing a clean cut.

If you do not keep your mower blades sharpened, then those blades will dull over time. Using a lawnmower with dull blades will cause more harm than good. As you run those dull blades over the grass, they will not cut it cleanly. Instead, they will rip or tear the grass, which in turn weakens it. In some instances, dull mower blades can rip out entire clumps of grass, which means you will need lawn repair services like aeration and overseeding to fix it. Ideally, mower blades should be sharpened every 20-25 mowing hours to provide the best cut possible.

4. Failing to rotate mowing patterns will compromise your lawn's health.

Grass cut too short compromising lawn health in Sartell, MN.

Mowing in the same exact pattern each time can create ruts in your lawn and will also compact the soil underneath. Compacted soil will make it harder for the grass roots to absorb nutrients. Rotating mowing patterns also encourages correct and proper grass growth, and it gives a uniform appearance to your lawn.

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