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Residential lawn with regular lawn mowing services in Sartell, MN.

Sartell, MN Lawn Care & Snow Removal

Complete lawn care and maintenance services for residential and commercial property owners.

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Full-service lawn care and landscape maintenance for homes and businesses throughout Sartell, MN.

We keep your property immaculate all year long with lawn mowing, fertilization, weed control, landscape trimming, and more!

Residential lawn and landscaping we maintain in Sartell, MN.

Situated on the Mississippi River, Sartell, MN has a rich history filled with Native American influence and is named after Joseph B. Sartell. We provide comprehensive lawn and landscape maintenance services designed to keep your Sartell property in immaculate shape all year long. Our team of professional lawn care experts has the skills and training necessary to deliver the highest quality results for your property. With services such as lawn mowing, fertilization treatments, weed control, landscape trimming, yard cleanups, and more, we provide everything your property needs to look its best and stay healthy.

Our lawn care and maintenance services are available for homes and businesses throughout the Sartell, MN area and surrounding communities.

Our Complete Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance Services

Our mission at Sunset Mowing is to provide the highest quality lawn care and maintenance services for our customers in Sartell, MN. As part of our ongoing effort to deliver the best services, we offer the following for residential and commercial property owners:

Keep Your Grass Healthy & Strong with Regular Lawn Mowing Services

We provide routine lawn mowing services to keep your lawn well-manicured and healthy all throughout the growing season. Regular lawn mowing ensures your lawn stays healthy and is more resilient against diseases and pest infestation. At Sunset Mowing, we use the best equipment in the industry to achieve a crisp, clean-cut, and we always follow the one-third rule when mowing your lawn. This means we’ll never cut more than one-third off your lawn’s height to ensure we never damage or shock your grass.

Our lawn mowing services include string trimming, edging, and blowing, to ensure your property looks immaculate all year long.

Trimming Promotes Growth & Keeps Your Landscape Plants Healthy

Trimming your landscape plants keeps them healthy and shapely. We provide landscape trimming services for both residential and commercial properties throughout Sartell. We perform trimming a few times throughout the year, or bi-weekly, depending on the size and maintenance needs of your property. Our landscape experts are trained in proper trimming and pruning techniques and always use the best equipment to ensure the health and safety of your landscape plants.

Protect Your Landscape Beds & Increase Your Curb Appeal with Fresh Mulch & Decorative Rock

We install and refresh mulch and decorative rock for your landscape beds. Mulch provides excellent protection against summer heat and winter frost, helps retain moisture, prevents weed growth, and adds a very pleasing aesthetic to your garden. Our mulch is available in red, brown, and black, and helps boost your plants’ health with nutrient-packed organic matter. Decorative rocks are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, and add a beautiful element to your landscape beds that need extra drainage.

Fertilization Bolsters Your Lawn’s Health While Pre- & Post-Emergent Herbicides Eliminate Weed Growth

Recently fertilized lawn in Sartell, MN.

Proper fertilization and weed control treatments are offered to boost your lawn’s health and appearance and help deter the emergence of pesky weeds.

Our fertilizer and weed control treatments are applied in a four-part schedule as outlined below:

  • Spring – Apply a slow-release fertilizer with pre-emergent herbicide treatment.
  • Early Summer – Another dose of fertilizer with a post-emergent herbicide blend that focuses on existing broadleaf weeds.
  • Late Summer – An additional application of fertilizer without any herbicide treatments, as the temperature is typically too high during this time.
  • Fall – Slow-release fertilizer treatment with a high nitrogen content to prepare for winter dormancy.

Pair Seeding & Sod with Aeration to Thicken Up Your Lawn’s Appearance

Our aeration services alleviate compacted soil that occurs over time as a result of traffic and wear. We most often aerate lawns in the fall and pair this service with seeding to prepare your lawn for the winter and to display optimal results come spring. Aeration allows nutrients and seeds to sink deep down into your soil and reach your grass roots, resulting in a thicker, lusher, and healthier lawn when the growing season returns. We provide both overseeding and silt seeding.

We Offer Seasonal Cleanups as Well as One-Time Cleanups for Overgrown, Neglected Properties

We provide seasonal yard cleanups to prepare your property for the upcoming months, as well as one-time cleanups for neglected properties that have become overgrown and disheveled. Our seasonal cleanups take place in spring to prepare for the hot summer, and in late fall to prepare for the upcoming cold winter months. These seasonal yard cleanups include all the services from our regular lawn mowing and maintenance with the addition of leaf removal in the fall. Seasonal cleanups are a highly beneficial service that keeps your lawn and landscape healthy and pristine, and we recommend this to all our clients.

Keep Your Property Clear & Safe with Consistent Snow Removal Services Throughout Winter

During the winter, snow buildup can hamper your daily life and pose grave safety hazards. We provide consistent snow removal services throughout the entire snowy season to keep your property free and clear of obstacles. Our snow removal services are offered at a flat rate and we come out as soon as the snow accumulates to one inch thick, so you’ll never have to worry about snow buildup impeding your plans. Our crew uses only the finest equipment in the industry to ensure your hardscapes are clear of snow without ever scraping or damaging your property.

Snow removal not only eliminates obstacles from your property’s access points but it also drastically cuts down on the number of unnecessary ice-related accidents and injuries throughout the season.

Do you need routine lawn care and landscape maintenance in Sartell?

At Sunset Mowing, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality services for properties throughout the Sartell, MN region. Our professional team is experienced and very knowledgeable, and we always ensure complete customer satisfaction at every job we do. If you need lawn care and maintenance services for your Sartell, MN property, call us today at (320) 293-1625 to schedule a consultation.

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