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A recently mowed lawn with mowing stripes in St. Cloud, MN.

St. Cloud, MN Lawn Maintenance & Care

We provide essential lawn care and maintenance services for homes and businesses throughout the Greater St. Cloud, MN area.

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Complete lawn care and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties in St. Cloud, MN.

Our services include lawn mowing, landscape trimming, yard cleanups, snow removal, and more.

Fertilized grass that receives regular treatments in St. Cloud, MN.

At Sunset Mowing, we provide high-quality lawn care and landscape maintenance that keeps your property attractive and well-maintained. Our mission is to provide the highest quality services to our customers, and our professional staff always ensure complete satisfaction in every job we perform.

We keep your property immaculate throughout all seasons of the year with lawn mowing, landscape trimming, yard cleanups, snow removal, mulch and rock installation, and more. Our services are available for residential and commercial properties throughout the St. Cloud, MN area. St. Cloud is the 10th largest city in Minnesota.

Complete Lawn & Landscape Services for St. Cloud, MN Property Owners

We provide the very best services to keep your lawn and landscape well-maintained and in peak health all year long. Our services include:

Routine Lawn Mowing Keeps Your Grass Strong, Healthy, & Green

We provide routine lawn mowing to help you achieve that rich green look that every homeowner craves. Our lawn mowing service provides complimentary edging, string trimming, and blowing to ensure your lawn looks its absolute best. We always follow the one-third rule when cutting your grass to ensure optimal growth and health during the growing season.

We also provide single mowing services for property owners looking for a one-time mow.

Keep Your Landscape Plants Healthy & Lively with Our Trimming & Pruning Services

These shrubs in St. Cloud, MN require routine trimming.

Routine trimming promotes shapely, healthy plant growth and aids in a thicker growth as time goes on. Regularly trimming your landscape plants also reduces insect infestation and prevents diseases. We perform trimming a few times a year or bi-weekly, depending on your property size and maintenance standards. Our professional landscapers are experts in plant health care and always use the sharpest and best tools to perform the job neatly and adequately.

Fresh Mulch & Rock Installation Provides Protection & Adds a Pleasing Aesthetic to Your Landscape Beds

We install fresh mulch and decorative rock for your landscape beds to provide protection and increase your curb appeal. Whichever ground cover you choose, our experts can provide various shapes, colors, and sizes to perfectly complement your property and landscape beds. Laying mulch in your landscape helps retain moisture, prevents weed growth, aids in erosion control and prevention, and boosts plant growth with nutrients provided by organic matter. Decorative rock improves drainage and is a great option for property owners looking for a no-maintenance ground covering.

Maintain a Healthy Green Lawn with Fertilization & Weed Control

Proper fertilization applications boost your lawn’s health with a proper balance of nutrients needed to grow thicker and greener, while pre- and post-emergent herbicides stop and prevent weed growth. We offer fertilization and weed control treatments as part of our four-step application schedule starting in spring and ending in late fall.

  • Spring – We apply a slow-release fertilizer with pre-emergent herbicide treatment.
  • Early Summer – Another dose of fertilizer with a post-emergent herbicide blend that focuses on existing broadleaf weeds.
  • Late Summer – An additional application of fertilizer without any herbicide treatments, as the temperature is typically too high during this time.
  • Fall – Slow-release fertilizer treatment with a high nitrogen content to prepare for winter dormancy.

Aeration Alleviates Compacted Soil While Seeding & Sod Give You a Full Lawn

Aeration is necessary to ensure your lawn absorbs all the available nutrients it needs to feed its root system and grow thick and green. Over time your lawn’s soil becomes compacted and dry, and when this happens nutrients are unable to reach your grass’ roots. Our aeration services remedy this by loosening compacted soil to allow nutrients to travel deep into your lawn’s soil.

We install seed and sod for property owners who want to fill in bare spots in their already-existing lawns, or who want an entirely new lawn. We offer both overseeding and silt seeding to achieve a lawn that is healthy, thick, and vibrantly green.

Seasonal Yard Cleanups for Distressed & Overgrown Properties

Whether your property needs a cleanup for spring or fall, or your property needs a major overhaul, we provide seasonal and one-time yard cleanups for property owners in the St. Cloud, MN areas. Seasonal cleanups are performed in spring and fall to prepare your yard and landscape for the upcoming summer and winter months respectively. If you have a property that has become overgrown and disheveled due to neglect, our one-time cleanup service can help get your property in immaculate shape.

Snow Removal Prevents Ice-Related Accidents & Injuries

Clearing snow from sidewalks in St. Cloud, MN helps reduce ice-related injuries.

During the winter months, ice-related accidents and injuries skyrocket due to slips, falls, and trips on slippery snow. When the snowfall accumulates to one inch in thickness, our team will come out to your property and safely clear all driveways and access points on your property. Our snow removal runs throughout the entire season so you never have to worry about your property being obstructed by cumbersome snow. We always ensure your driveways, sidewalks, entryways, and other hardscapes never get scraped or damaged by utilizing the best and most proper equipment.

Do you need lawn care and property maintenance services for your St. Cloud property?

If you live in the St. Cloud, MN area and are in need of professional lawn care and landscape maintenance services, give us a call today at (320) 293-1625. We provide commercial and residential property owners with complete maintenance services that keep your property healthy and pristine all year long.

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