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A beautiful, thick, green lawn in St. Cloud that receives on-going lawn fertilization treatments.

Waite Park, MN Lawn Care & Maintenance

Homeowners and businesses in Waite Park, MN can take advantage of our comprehensive lawn care and maintenance services to keep their property healthy and pristine all year long.

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Comprehensive lawn care and landscape maintenance services for residential and commercial properties in Waite Park, MN.

We keep your property looking immaculate all year long with routine lawn mowing, landscape trimming, yard cleanups, snow removal, and more.

A yard in Waite Park. MN that was recently mowed.

We provide Waite Park property owners with the very best in lawn care and maintenance services. Our services are designed to keep your property healthy, strong, and immaculate all year long with routinely-scheduled mowing, landscape trimming and pruning, yard cleanups, snow removal, and more.

We serve both residential and commercial property owners in Waite Park, MN, which is home to the Quarry Park and Nature Preserve. 

Comprehensive Lawn Care & Maintenance Services for Waite Park, MN Properties

Our mission at Sunset Mowing is to provide the highest quality lawn care and landscape maintenance services for properties throughout the Waite Park, MN area. We provide:

Keep Your Grass Healthy & Strong with Regular Lawn Mowing Services

Lawn mowing is an essential service that every lawn needs. We provide routine lawn mowing for residential and commercial properties. Along with basic mowing, we also provide string trimming, edging, and blowing. Our professional crew always follows the one-third rule when cutting your grass, and we always blow away all grass clippings off your property so it stays looking crisp and clean.

In addition to our continual lawn mowing services, we also offer one-time mows for property owners who only want a single lawn mowing.

Our Trimming Services Keep Your Landscape Plants Healthy & Neatly-Shaped

Landscape trimming is vital to keeping your landscape plants, shrubs, and small trees happy and healthy. Trimming removes diseases and prevents diseases from spreading to the rest of your landscape, helps prevent pest infestation, and keeps your plants tidy and in optimal health. We provide trimming for your landscape plants a few times throughout the year at minimum, or bi-weekly for large-scale properties that require more maintenance.

We Install Organic Mulch & Decorative Rock That Protects Your Landscape Beds & Increases Curb Appeal

A newly mulched commercial property in the Waite Park, MN area.

We provide mulch and decorative rock installation for properties who want optimal protection for their landscape beds while adding a pleasing aesthetic to their garden. Our organic mulch is packed with vital nutrients that help boost the health of your landscape plants while helping to retain moisture and prevent weed growth. We also install decorative rock for properties that have drainage issues.

Four-Part Fertilization Treatment & Herbicide Applications Provide a Thick, Green, & Weed-Free Lawn

Fertilizer treatments are essential to achieving a healthy, thick, green appearance for your lawn. We apply nutrient-rich fertilizer to your lawn four times a year, along with effective weed control applications, to ensure your lawn stays healthy and green.

Our fertilizer and weed control treatments are applied in a four-part schedule as outlined below:

  • Spring – Apply a slow-release fertilizer with a pre-emergent herbicide treatment.
  • Early Summer – Another dose of fertilizer with a post-emergent herbicide blend that focuses on existing broadleaf weeds.
  • Late Summer – An additional application of fertilizer without any herbicide treatments, as the temperature is typically too high during this time.
  • Fall – Slow-release fertilizer treatment with a high nitrogen content to prepare for winter dormancy.

Pair Seeding & Sod with Aeration to Thicken Up Your Lawn’s Appearance

We provide core aeration for your lawn whose soil has become compacted from wear. Aeration helps nutrients soak deeper down into your lawn’s soil and nourish the roots deep within. For optimal results, we recommend seeding immediately after aerating. We also provide both overseeding and silt seeding, both of which help fill in bare spots of your lawn and provide a thicker, greener appearance once it grows back in spring. If you’re looking to have your lawn completely renovated, we also install high-quality sod to establish a healthy, green lawn quickly.

We Offer Seasonal Cleanups as Well as One-Time Cleanups for Overgrown, Neglected Properties

Seasonal cleanups are beneficial for your yard’s health as they help prepare it for the upcoming months. We provide seasonal cleanups for residential and commercial properties in spring and late fall. Our cleanups include all our basic lawn care services with the addition of leaf removal in autumn. We also provide one-time yard cleanups to renovate neglected, overgrown properties that require more extensive work.

Our fall yard cleanups are one of our most popular services, as this service helps prepare your lawn and landscape for the cold winter and ensures your property will look amazing when spring returns.

Keep Your Property Clear & Safe with Consistent Snow Removal Services Throughout Winter

Snow removal services are necessary and beneficial to maintain a clean, safe property. Our snow removal crew services your property throughout the entire snowy season, and often times we clear properties long before city street sweepers arrive. Many ice-related injuries and accidents can be avoided during the season by hiring professional snow removal experts. We always use the proper equipment to safely remove snow from your driveways, sidewalks, and entryways without scraping or damaging your hardscapes.

Call us today for all your lawn care and maintenance needs in Waite Park, MN.

If you’re looking for full-scope lawn care and maintenance services for your property in Waite Park, call us today at (320) 293-1625. We provide the absolute best in lawn care services, and always make sure our customers are completely satisfied with their care.

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