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Commercial property with regular lawn care services in St. Cloud, MN.

Commercial Lawn Care Services In St. Cloud, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, & Waite Park, MN Areas.

Let our lawn care services take care of your commercial property so you don't have to.

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Reliable Commercial Lawn Care Services for Properties in & Around St. Cloud, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, & Waite Park, MN

We offer commercial lawn care services including fertilization, weed control, aeration, and more.

Commercial property in St. Cloud, MN with regular lawn care.

As a business owner, you know that first impressions are everything. Customers are showing up to your business every single day and the first thing they lay their eyes on is the outside of your building. Your lawn represents your company so it's important that you schedule regular lawn care services to keep it looking fresh and healthy.

At Sunset Mowing, we take pride in helping business owners take care of their property. Our commercial lawn care services include fertilization, weed control, core aeration, overseeding, and sod installation. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality care, leaving your lawn strong and healthy year-round.

We offer our commercial services to businesses and HOAs located in and around St. Cloud, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, and Waite Park, MN.

Our Fertilization & Weed Control Treatment Is a Four-Step Process

One of the best ways to help your commercial lawn stay healthy year-round is with a fertilization and weed control treatment. All grass needs nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to survive. If it is not receiving these essential nutrients, your lawn will turn brown and patchy.

Our four-step fertilization and weed control package will ensure that your grass is getting the correct level of each nutrient while also protecting against weeds such as crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, and dandelions.

Our process is not a one-and-done treatment. We pay special attention to what your specific lawn needs to be it's strongest and healthiest. Our crew shows up four times a year to continuously protect your lawn and make sure that it is growing properly. Our annual treatment schedule looks like this:

  • Spring - We apply a slow-release fertilizer and a pre-emergent herbicide treatment to protect against weeds.
  • Early Summer - Fertilizer and a post-emergent herbicide treatment are added.
  • Late Summer - Another round of fertilizer is applied at this time. We skip the weed control treatment in late summer because the weather is usually too hot.
  • Fall - To round out the year, we apply your last treatment of slow-release fertilizer that has a higher nitrogen content to prepare it for winter dormancy.

Overseed Your Lawn After Aeration for Best Results

With you, your employees, and your customers bustling in and out of your business daily, your lawn becomes prone to soil compaction. This leads to weak grass blades and empty patches. We offer solutions to this problem with our aeration and overseeding services.

If at any time you notice your grass is having trouble growing, it usually means that it is not getting the correct access to essential nutrients. Aeration is the process of poking holes in your soil to loosen it up. There are a few things you can expect from this process:

  1. Our machine will travel all throughout your lawn, extracting 2-3 inch plugs of soil. This will give your grass roots much better access to sunlight, water, and nutrients.
  2. The plugs of soil will remain on your lawn and eventually break down to release extra nutrients back into your soil. If you want to speed up this process, you can rake these plugs to break them up a little faster

When we overseed your lawn, we spread new grass seed on your already existing lawn. This is especially helpful for large, empty patches of grass. If overseeding is done directly after aeration, the seeds will fall into the holes and get much better access to your soil. In turn, this will speed up the germination process.

Sod Installation Creates an "Instant Lawn"

If your commercial property was recently renovated and it left dug-up soil everywhere, sod installation is your answer. You can also use sod for a lawn that has large dead patches of grass. Sod is pre-grown grass that comes in large rolls. To install it, we simply roll it out onto your lawn and suddenly, you have "instant grass."

As a business owner, you want your lawn to look perfect as fast as possible. Using grass seed instead of sod will take a lot more time and patience. Some of the benefits you receive when you install sod include:

  • Fast installation
  • Protection against soil erosion
  • Quick root growth

Call Us for Your Commercial Property Lawn Care Needs

If you just barely have the time to focus on the ins and outs of your business, you probably don't have the time to think about how to care for the lawn on your commercial property. Let us help you make great first impressions with your potential customers by regularly servicing your lawn and keeping it healthy, thick, and green.

If your commercial property is located in St. Cloud, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, or Waite Park, MN, give our team a call at (320) 293-1625 to set up a consultation and learn how we can help your lawn look its best.

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