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Commercial property with regular lawn mowing and maintenance services in St. Cloud, MN.

Commercial Mowing & Maintenance Services In St. Cloud, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, & Waite Park, MN Areas.

Keep your commercial property looking professional and clean all year long with routine mowing, trimming, and seasonal cleanups.

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Commercial Mowing & Maintenance Services for HOA & Commercial Properties in the St. Cloud Area

Weekly mowing, fresh mulch, and seasonal cleanups will keep the exterior of your commercial property in immaculate condition year-round.

Commercial property in St. Cloud, MN with lawn mowing and maintenance.

Your business is your pride and joy, you've cultivated it to be exactly what it is today. Let that pride show from the inside out. Customers often form their first impression as soon as they step onto your property before they even make it in the front door. You want to make sure they're seeing a nicely cut lawn, decorative rock and mulch, and neatly-trimmed hedges. We offer a variety of lawn maintenance services that make sure HOA and business properties remain in tip-top shape. Our seasonal spring and fall cleanups keep commercial lawns tidy throughout the entire year.

Our professional and customer-oriented service makes us the preferred commercial lawn maintenance company in the area. If you own an HOA property or commercial property in St. Cloud, Sartell, or Sauk Rapids, MN, be sure to contact our team to enroll in our commercial mowing and maintenance program today!

Commercial Maintenance Services

All of these services combined will give your commercial property's lawn the best results, in appearance and health. We target everything on your landscape including grass, plants, trees, shrubs, hedges, and ground coverings.

Here is a complete list of our commercial maintenance services:

Lawn Mowing

Commercial lot with lawn mowing services in Sartell, MN.

In the warmer months, when grass growth is at its prime, we perform weekly lawn mowing. Once lawn grass starts to enter dormancy in late fall and early winter, we reduce our visits and instead cut grass bi-weekly. Our experienced team members are always sure to follow the one-third rule which allows optimal grass growth and fullness by not interrupting photosynthesis. All of our lawn mowing services also include string-trimming, edging, and grass clipping blowing to give lawns a manicured finish.

Landscape Trimming & Pruning

Trees, shrubs, and hedges are noticeable plants in your landscape so you want to make sure they also have a polished look. There are two ways that we approach tree and shrub care which are trimming and pruning. The first way, trimming, focuses on the outside appearance of these plants so our team members will cut down overgrown branches and trim plants into a neat shape. Pruning, on the other hand, focuses on the actual health of trees and shrubs by removing dead or diseased branches so that they can grow back healthier and stronger.

Mulch & Rock

Elements like mulch and rock add the finishing touches to your property's landscape. Not only does mulch greatly complement plants and trees, but it also offers a multitude of health benefits. As a ground cover, mulch keeps your plants healthy by retaining soil moisture and acting as temperature control for plants in frigid or heat-stricken weather. Rocks don't necessarily offer health benefits to plants but it gives your overall landscape a more complete, refined look.

Seasonal Cleanups

Sunset Mowing work truck and trailer after seasonal cleanup services in Sauk Rapids, MN.

As the seasons change, so do the weather conditions, which means your property's lawn will get the brunt of the wind and debris. We offer seasonal cleanups for businesses in both the fall and spring to tidy your lawn. Fall cleanups involve leaf and debris removal as well as a final mowing and maintenance session to prepare your lawn for winter dormancy. In the spring, we refresh your mulch, removed dead plants, perform the first mow, and install new annual flowers.

Enroll in our commercial lawn mowing and maintenance program today!

Give your commercial property the most professional look possible by letting our team take care of all your lawn maintenance needs. Our program includes all of the essential services your property needs to maintain a neat and clean appearance. Call us at (320) 293-1625 to enroll your commercial or HOA property in our lawn maintenance program today. We offer our services to properties in St. Cloud, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, & Waite Park, MN.

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