Going on vacation is a fun, exciting time—with a long task list of things that need to be done before, during, and after you come back.

Summer is a popular time to take extended vacations. With kids out of school, it’s a great time to go visit another part of the country. But what happens to your house while you’re gone? More specifically, what about your lawn?

Here are some reasons you should look to hire a lawn care professional to work on your lawn before, during, and after your vacation.

Regular Mowing Shows Your Yard Is Being Maintained

One main reason to consider upkeep of your yard while you’re gone is to give off the illusion that you’re still home. If your yard is always maintained but then begins to look overgrown, it can give potential thieves a heads-up that you are not actually home.

At Sunset Mowing, we can provide weekly services or even one-time mows if you’re only going to be gone for a week or so. We also include string-trimming, blowing, and edging with each mow, ensuring that your property looks polished while you’re gone.

When you’re getting ready to go on vacation, you have many things on your mind and not enough time to get them done. Consider hiring a professional crew to handle your yard work before and after you get back so you have time to focus on other tasks such as packing, unpacking, and anything else that may arise.

Keeping Your Grass Mowed Ensures It Grows Correctly

This lawn in Sartell has been properly mowed to 1/3 the height of the blade.

When mowing is neglected for weeks at a time, the grass grows more and then gets mowed lower than it should be. Grass should always be mowed no more than one-third of the blade height, as cutting it lower than that can cause damage to the blades and affect how they grow.

We also make sure to cut grass slightly differently in the summer in order to avoid stress from drought and the heat. When grass is left to grow on its own, then it can lose the health that you’ve worked to give it. Scheduling mowing services while you are away ensures that this won’t happen to your grass.

What Not to Do Before Leaving on Vacation

Many people feel the need to overcompensate on lawn maintenance before they leave for vacation. This is a mistake. Cutting grass blades too short, also referred to as scalping, can expose the soil beneath to harsh sunlight. It also limits the amount of available grass blade for photosynthesis to take place. Also, do not overwater your lawn before leaving. Too much water can be harmful to your grass.

Do you need to hire someone to take care of your lawn while you’re on vacation?

At Sunset Mowing, we’ve been providing quality lawn services to St. Cloud, Sartell, Sauk Rapids and nearby areas for many years. We treat each yard as our own, giving it attention and care. If you’re going on vacation soon and need someone to maintain your yard while you’re away, then give us a call at (320) 293-1625. We can provide you with a free estimate and consultation!