When grass starts to grow, it’s tempting to put that chore at the bottom of the to-do list as it might not seem like the highest priority. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, you’re busy all the time. Worrying about keeping grass at its optimal height isn’t something you necessarily want to worry about, but neglecting your lawn can lead to further issues down the road.

Read for some reasons why your grass suffers without regular mowing in St. Cloud, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, and nearby Minnesota areas, and then give us a call to get on our mowing schedule.

Grass Will Lose Its Maintained Appearance

This lawn in Sartell was neglected and lost its maintained appearance.

Keeping your yard maintained shows that you care about the overall look and feel of your property. Without that regular maintenance, it begins to show your customers or guests that the exterior of your property isn’t a priority.

As regular mowing ceases, your grass will lose its uniform appearance and begin to look disheveled as the blades grow at different rates. If you’ve worked hard up until this point to have a nice lawn, then you may end up sacrificing some of that investment.

If grass gets too long, it begins to seed and look more like a weed than grass, further decreasing your curb appeal.

Your Property May Not Adhere to Local Laws or HOA Regulations

Many local communities have established laws to make sure residents keep their properties maintained, and this may apply to grass height. If your grass grows too high, you may find yourself having to deal with local authorities coming out to your property to enforce those laws.

Most homeowner’s associations also require their residents to comply with agreed-upon regulations in order to keep the entire neighborhood looking maintained. If someone is in violation of those regulations, they could see hefty HOA fees heading their way.

Your Lawn’s Health Will Suffer if It’s Neglected

This lawn in Sartell is weak and suffering from disease.

Most importantly, the health of your lawn will suffer without regular mowing. Grass blades have to be at the optimal height in order to properly absorb vital nutrients and if they get too long, it’s more difficult to get them to that height. It also causes more stress on your grass to mow when it’s taller.

Lawns that aren’t mowed regularly tend to also have weaker grass, meaning it’s more susceptible to disease or insect infestation. It also leaves your grass vulnerable to weed growth and removes the chance to ensure that your lawn stays clear of debris that could block the sun and air from reaching it.

Ideally, blades should only be cut by one-third of their height each time—so when they’re cut at a higher level, it affects them negatively.

Mowing your grass regularly is important. Give us a call so we can help.

If you’re in St. Cloud, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, or other nearby areas in Minnesota and need help getting your lawn on a regular routine mowing schedule, we can help. Give us a call at (320) 293-1625 to get on our mowing schedule today!