If you see lawns that remain gorgeous and lush year after year and wonder how the property owners manage to keep them that way, the answer is this: that lawn is likely benefitting from aeration. Aeration is a process that helps lawn nutrients reach the soil beneath the grass. This allows the grass to absorb more nutrients and become healthier.

We at Sunset Mowing tell our customers in St. Cloud, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, and nearby Minnesota areas that it’s best to utilize our aeration services and core aeration services for their lawn in the fall.

What is Aeration?

Aeration is not too complicated of a concept. Essentially, lawn aeration involves poking holes in or perforating the lawn. This process breaks up compacted soil that has become beat down over time.

Imagine how at a beach the first layer of sand is fluffier and the lower layers of sand are hard and difficult to dig through. With soil in a lawn, it’s beneficial to grass for the soil to be fluffier and less hard. This means that the grass roots can grow deeper into the ground. Aerating the lawn fluffs up the soil to make it easier for roots to grow. The holes also allow more nutrients to reach deeper into the soil.

Does My Lawn Need Aeration?

This recently aerated lawn in Sartell, MN will soon grow even fuller and look lush and healthy.

Every lawn benefits from regular aeration. That being said, there are some lawns that need it more than others. If the lawn is being used in such a way that causes dirt to compact more, that lawn is more likely to need it.

For example, if you have children or pets that run around on the lawn a lot, it might benefit more from aeration. Other high-usage lawns will benefit from aeration too.

If your lawn seems to dry out easily for whatever reason, that’s another sign that aeration could help. It could mean the grass was planted on compacted soil or that the lower layers of soil are blocked somehow. Aeration will help loosen up the soil and reduce blockage.

Aeration also benefits high-traffic areas, such as sports fields and local parks that see a lot of people using them on a regular basis.

Benefits of Aeration Services

Aeration services have many benefits for your grass:

  • Grass roots grow deeper into the ground, resulting in a thicker lawn and grass
  • Grass can access more nutrients, causing it to grow taller and be more healthy
  • Loosens soil, resulting in a nicer looking and feeling lawn

After aerating your lawn, you will love having a beautiful yard that rivals the best lawns you pass on a daily basis. It will make your yard more enjoyable to spend time in. Your family will have fun spending time outside and enjoying the property you’ve invested so much in.

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