During the winter months, it's easy to forget that there's a healthy lawn underneath the snow and ice. But to ensure that lawn stays healthy and is ready to green back up in the spring, there are some things you should do for your residential lawn in St. Cloud, MN, and the surrounding areas.

At Sunset Mowing, we have witnessed some major no-nos when it comes to winter lawn care. Read our tips for ensuring your lawn is ready when it comes out of its dormant period in the spring.

Keep Debris Off the Lawn & Stay Off the Lawn

A big issue we see in the winter is people letting debris pile up on their lawns during the winter. Unless you want to find brown patches in your lawn come springtime, this is a major lawn care faux-pas. Don't leave bicycles, lawn furniture, large branches, leaves, or anything else to sit on your lawn. These can block your grass from getting air, light, and water and restrict its growth once it's spring.

It's also easier to walk through the grass instead of using potentially icy sidewalks to get in and out of your home, but keep in mind that those thick winter boots are just trampling the grass underneath and helping to compact the soil as well. Walking through the grass enough times will create a rut in your lawn that will be difficult to get rid of next season, so it's best to stay off of your grass. To avoid this, keep your sidewalks and driveway clear with snow removal and deicing services.

Have Your Lawn Mowed One Last Time Before Winter

Grass drying up in winter in St. Cloud, MN.

It's also important to mow your lawn one last time before winter. Yes, it may be cold in winter, but there is still a slight possibility that your lawn could grow some during these colder months. If your lawn gets too long and sits under snow for a while, it can become matted and this increases the risk for fungal lawn diseases to develop. We recommend that your lawn be mowed in late fall before the first freeze hits to ensure that your lawn won't get too long.

Water Your Lawn Until the Ground Freezes

Right up until the ground freezes, keep watering your lawn. You don't have to water with as much frequency as you would during the spring or summer, but your lawn still needs moisture to keep processing nutrients. You want your lawn to absorb as many nutrients as possible so that it can be fully prepared for winter and come into spring with everything it needs for a successful growing season.

Fertilize Your Lawn in Fall & in Early Spring

Fertilizer being spread across a lawn in the fall in St. Cloud, MN.

So your lawn can have the correct balance of fertilization, it's also important to apply fertilizer treatments in both fall and spring. In order to successfully make it through winter and be as strong as possible, your lawn needs to be fortified with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The fall treatment should have a higher dose of nitrogen, while the spring treatment should be combined with pre-emergent weed control.

Do you need to prepare your St. Cloud, MN lawn for the winter months?

At Sunset Mowing, we offer services such as lawn mowing, fertilization, aeration, and more that are all designed to keep your lawn healthy all year long. If you need help preparing your lawn in St. Cloud, MN for the winter months, then contact us today at (320) 293-1625 or submit our online form!