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Should You Use Sod or Grass Seed for a New Lawn?

Should You Use Sod or Grass Seed for a New Lawn?

As home and business owners seek to beautify the exteriors of their properties, the question often comes up: should you use sod or grass seed for a new lawn? The answer is not as simple as it may seem. There are numerous benefits to each approach, with considerations to be made for cost, style, maintenance, and care. Overall, sod leads to instant green, lush grass, but keeping it that way requires a slew of maintenance, irrigation, and lawn care concerns. Grass seed takes more patience before the ideal look can be achieved, but with the correct choice of grass species, it can grow with slightly less maintenance than sod. Here are some pros and cons to using sod and grass seed for your yard in St. Cloud, Sartell,...
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